Inktober Postcard Pack

Inktober Postcard Pack


Inktober Postcards: Human Features & Anatomical Parts for Friends & Enemies.

Of course you have friends who will smile upon receiving 1) Happy Mail instead of Boring, or worse, Scary Mail; 2) A design you associate with them personally.

Of course you don’t have enemies. But if you do, you can send them a dedicated design as well. #benice

I loved creating these pieces over the course of October 2018, and hope you will enjoy them too. These postcards are officially mailable, and serve as fine art prints simultaneously.


+ 5 postcards

+ This order is customizable: please indicate the designs you would like in the comment section on the order page.

+ Mix & match or order 5 of the same.

+Printed to order

+Allow 5-8 business days (expedited shipping available)


“Flowing” Heart “Double” Lungs

“Expensive” Tooth “Under a Spell” Hands

“Drain” Mouth “Roasted” Mouth

“Poison” Hand “Clock” in Hand

“Tranquil” Eyes “Starry” Eyed

“Jolted” Brain

Interested in stickers? Coming soon!


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