From Doodles to Design

Picture an animated, miniature human, bouncing around the living room yelling, “Cat! Rat! Bat!” in a frenzy. This was me seconds after it clicked that I could substitute different letters to create new words—magic

Picture that same miniature human's tousled head, hunched over a piece of paper, before passing it back to Dad to add to the drawing. Back and forth they would go, until an eclectic cartoon filled the space. 

Not much has changed. 

These days, while my frenzies are a little more grown up (usually), my imagination still runs wild, and words and design continue to delight me. In 2016, I launched a product line to share my love for creativity: stationery, wall art prints, and T-shirts. 

Most recently, I've had the incredible fortune to collaborate with fellow artists in the Seattle area, and with fellow women entrepreneurs via the collective #bossladies. To learn more, visit our site at 

Thanks so much for stopping by. You can follow my daily creative celebration on Instagram @anikazebron; let's get acquainted and keep in touch!  




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