Travel Diary: Thailand, Land of Color

Bangkok greets you with a warm embrace of vibrant color—and humidity. 

I immediately feel my curly hair expanding in dimension, but when I check my appearance in a compact mirror, I only notice that my skin has already started to glow. This, after a long flight in dry airplane air, is a relief. Maybe I should just permanently relocate to a humid environment and leave the wrinkle creams behind? Will research this later.

Driver located, it’s off into the city—through the traffic first. Tuk Tuks, trucks, pink taxis, it’s a wash of action. A mix of old & new, tradition & modernism, the hustle through these streets is amplified by colors & eye-commanding signs. I see the largest billboard I’ve ever seen, gilded in bright yellow, that blesses the king, heir to a respected thrown.

Bangkok is sprawling—over 8 million inhabitants sprawling. There’s just about as many colors between taxis, fresh fruit, the Grand Palace, the markets, and the eclectic decor of the river boat we later enjoy an afternoon on. I’m here with my Oak & Melanin team from Seattle working with Boma Jewelry. We’re documenting the authentic story, people, and craftsmanship behind the brand. Very quickly we realize just how authentic it all is—and how beautifully colorful it is. And it’s so very inspiring.

Anika ZebronComment