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Week 1 of 100 Pantone Poems

Since April 4 it's just been ALL COLORS & POEMS over here! 

Well, sort of--it's also been a lot of other things, such as work, music, food, you know, general living... But yes, lots of colors & poems too! 

The Project

So what's this all about? How to combine my love for colors, words, & design? Pantone Poems, my 100 Day Project 2017! This idea was inspired by one I heard about from previous years, adapted to fit my favorite things. Each day I pull a card from the set and write a poem inspired by the thoughts, memories, and imagery that comes to mind. This color lover & novice poet was nervous upon idea inception, but also very excited. 

Thus far, the process has been amazingly energizing. I wasn't sure how I felt about writing poems that I would share publicly, because if I'm being honest, poetry is the genre of writing I feel least confident in. Surprisingly, it has been truly enjoyable and relaxing to write these short pieces so far, and it helps to have the cards as a starting point. 

Before time gets away from me, I wanted to take a moment to share my Pantone Poems from Week 1--if you've been following along on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already seen these. And if not, enjoy! 

Week One

Pictured in sequence: 

1 of 100: "Moon Rock"

2 of 100: "Rainbow Trout"

3 of 100: "Blue Dolphin Daydream"

4 of 100: "Avocado Exploits"

5 of 100: "Photo-Editing 101"

6 of 100: "Wet n' Wild!"

7 of 100: "Lemonade Stand" 

Thanks to all those supporting on IG! I also hope this Easter Sunday finds you finding your rejuvenation & inspiration in full, fine form. 


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A Printable 100 Day Calendar!

In order to help myself plan, keep the end goal in mind, and stay motivated with the 100 Day Project, I created a simple & fun calendar that I'd love to share with you! 

If you're like me, there's a certain satisfaction to checking items off or extravagantly crossing them out--whether on lists or calendars. My enjoyment of elimination probably borders on extreme, but hey, it's the little things, right? (And don't worry, it never involves anything animate) 

About this Printable: It's formatted at 11x17" because oversized items make me happy. You can print it at this size or size it down. 

Download: 100 Day Project Calendar

We are 5 days away from April 4, this year's start of the 100 Day Project experience. What are you thinking??? If you are joining, comment below with your plans and I'll be your cheerleader.  

Happy Friday!   


© 2017, Anika Zebron Design