Week 1 of 100 Pantone Poems

Since April 4 it's just been ALL COLORS & POEMS over here! 

Well, sort of--it's also been a lot of other things, such as work, music, food, you know, general living... But yes, lots of colors & poems too! 

The Project

So what's this all about? How to combine my love for colors, words, & design? Pantone Poems, my 100 Day Project 2017! This idea was inspired by one I heard about from previous years, adapted to fit my favorite things. Each day I pull a card from the set and write a poem inspired by the thoughts, memories, and imagery that comes to mind. This color lover & novice poet was nervous upon idea inception, but also very excited. 

Thus far, the process has been amazingly energizing. I wasn't sure how I felt about writing poems that I would share publicly, because if I'm being honest, poetry is the genre of writing I feel least confident in. Surprisingly, it has been truly enjoyable and relaxing to write these short pieces so far, and it helps to have the cards as a starting point. 

Before time gets away from me, I wanted to take a moment to share my Pantone Poems from Week 1--if you've been following along on Instagram or Facebook, you may have already seen these. And if not, enjoy! 

Week One

Pictured in sequence: 

1 of 100: "Moon Rock"

2 of 100: "Rainbow Trout"

3 of 100: "Blue Dolphin Daydream"

4 of 100: "Avocado Exploits"

5 of 100: "Photo-Editing 101"

6 of 100: "Wet n' Wild!"

7 of 100: "Lemonade Stand" 

Thanks to all those supporting on IG! I also hope this Easter Sunday finds you finding your rejuvenation & inspiration in full, fine form. 


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