On Creative Work: Ira Glass's "The Gap"

We all feel it starting out. 

If we're honest. 

This feeling is persistent. Frowns appear. Heads shake. Whispers of "Imposter!" feel like frustrating roommates you don't remember inviting to move in. This feeling sticks around and doesn't dissolve quickly. Not yet.

This is how it goes with creating. There's more learning still to do, more practice before the perfection (...whatever that is). 

What are we talking about?

= The Gap.

Ira Glass refers to The Gap as that annoying state where our creative work falls short of expectations--it's not good enough! And this realization can be really depressing. But, if we can push through, the gap will eventually close, only after lots of work--both the verb and noun kind of work. 

Paradoxically, the persistence of The Gap can push us to persist in what we do and make; first as a way to cope, then as a way to creatively live. 

I'll turn it over to Mr. Glass who says it best, and also to Daniel Sax, the videographer & producer behind this fantastic accompanying film. Enjoy, be encouraged, and keep making stuff! 

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