The Feels

How are we feeling??? 

I'll admit, on Thursday I, like many before me, had a moment of confusion where I looked skyward and implored of the universe...

"It's Friday, right???"


Thursday is the fake Friday that fools you every time. The good part about this mistake is that you're still due for a Friday which happens to be coming the next day. This keeps you going, at least for the next few hours. 

When Friday dawns, it's a tumbling and fumbling toward the weekend experienced by most the world over. To be fair, being excited about Friday doesn't by default mean that you hate your regular week, but it's just The Weekend that we especially adore for a variety of reasons. 

For example: 

  1. Sleeping In - I come from a long line of chronic night owls, so one of the most appreciated blessings from above that sets my soul at ease is being able to sleep in. I'm not the type to sleep in until the body begins to molecularly break down, but a couple of extra hours is fine by me. 
  2. Coffee at the Counter - There's nothing that speaks of ease quite like being able to chill at our dining room bar-counter sipping my morning coffee. Our retro-inspired stools spin too, and a few slow circles solidifies a carefree weekend morning. These counter dates are always accompanied by favorite soundtracks--today, Solange's "A Seat at the Table" gave me all the feels as usual. 
  3. An Open Schedule - I'm all about the casual weekend plans because everything during the week is so scripted. We definitely get up to lots of things during our weekends, but the more random the better, you know?
  4. Catching up on Creative Things - I have time scheduled during the week for projects I'm working on, but its during the weekend that I truly feel my brain declutter and become able to imagine the good stuff. 

(In good weather, I can be counted on to include some outdoor excursions too...but not today because #windstorm! isn't really my favorite. It's been a nap & an audiobook...mostly the nap.) 

Turns out that we end of loving the weekend mostly because of the liberation we feel, which speaks volumes about our basic human need to be untethered. There's nothing quite as lovely as a day with no obligations, as fresh as a blank page in a new notebook. 

And come Sunday night, even though the weekend hours are waning, there's still a certain energy that we've been able to charge up to carry us into a new week. At least, that's the hope...

Either that or we're lying on the couch with a dramatic hand to forehead in full despair. 

One of the two. 

I hope this post finds you thoroughly enjoying your weekend right now! What are some of your favorite weekend habits?


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