Let the March begin!

Who doesn't love a good play on words? My timely motto today is:

"Marching through March!" 

March is a month, yes, but it's also an action and the two denotations are meeting here with vigorous agreement. We're going to get some stuff done this month. First, a brief explanation of this seemingly spontaneous outpouring of zesty emotion--I've joined Writer's March, which is a personal writing challenge for the duration of March 2017. My personal goal is to get the vitals going here on the blog because this spring, things are in the works that this blog will help herald as the weeks go by. My newsletter will also communicate these happy happenings, so if you haven't subscribed, please do! It's a very un-obnoxious newsletter, complete with with free printable perks--what's not to love? 

That's rhetorical.

Back to our March motif--there's definitely something in the still-chilly air here in Seattle that is making me even antsier than I usually am right before the turn of the spring season. The first emotion that makes me restless is the haunting fear that WINTER HAS NOT ONLY COME (a la Game of Thrones), BUT IT MAY NEVER END. This was my shared concern via Instagram this week, where I simultaneously expressed myself and fanned everyone's fears so they felt just as uneasy as me. 

Nothing like wide eyes to get everyone going. Also, the t-shirt featured is my favorite kind--chic and soft. L̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶m̶e̶.

Of course, factually I know that spring is coming. I just happen to be quite ready already, because I'm a perennial bloomer at spring's arrival; this second emotive effect is pending. There's something about the sun, the freshness in the air, the reminder that we are still alive that tends to provoke energetic activity in me. For this reason, I'm looking forward to spring for pragmatic purposes, but am even more enthusiastic than usual due to my line-up of projects and their releases. 

Similar to stars aligning, these plans are coming together. I'm having faith that, like the celestial bodies that orbit at terrifying speeds across the inky blackness of outer space, my moving pieces will also not crash and burn. (insert 👀 again) This Writer's March is one of those projects, followed by:

  • A comic card collection
  • Artistic odes to icons that inspire me
  • Fancy, free printables
  • A first-time-collaboration in the home decor category that's in the works

That totals to at least four !!!!'s.

I hope this new month is also giving you added zeal for things that make you happy, come snow, rain, or shine. Thanks for following along with Anika Zebron Design - I so appreciate every like, comment, and share - all the best!   

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