Carpe Dem

It's Thursday and I'm undergoing a reemergence process (of sorts) which is involving a lot of carpe-ing. 

If you're worried at this point, read on--I promise it will make sense and that you might experience a laugh toward the bottom of this post. (Don't scroll! Yet!) 

Also, if you think I can't spell given the odd title above (and then there's the "Can't Knokk the Hustle" design), never fear! As they say, there is a method to this madness. 

(Who are they?)

(Moving on!) 

Today is Thursday, but it's also September 1st, which is a revelation on its own. Knowing that our summer is essentially over and feeling autumnal undertones outside has served to nab my attention, giving me pause to ponder. I haven't been able to do that much for about a month now and this particular realization is part of my pondering this afternoon. 

Basically, I'm finally feeling able to swim away from the submersion of the school year's start. For those who've been following the Anika Zebron Design Adventure that launched last May, you've likely noted an almost absolute absence of updates & advertised progress. While I have been working on projects behind the scenes, it is true it's been less due to having to direct my attentions back to the 2016-2017 academic year. Fall is here and that has changed everything--for a time. Consequently, I've been off-grid.

BUT, I think I'm finding a semblance of balanced footing, so I'm venturing to say that I'm reemerging. This means I'll be back in regular action on this site and my other social media platforms, which I've also been ghosting for several weeks. I do adore the ghost emoji, but I don't really want to be it.  👻

So I decided to take a little stock that included creating a personal schedule that should help me have a daily direction. For a person like me who does have a lot going on every day, this is key. A revelation? Not really, but managing "it all" day to day is sometimes easier said than done. Can you resonate? 

Most of what I'm realizing is that things we want to happen don't just happen. On their own that is. A fair amount of hustle is required. And for the really big plans, serious hustle. This hustle can still be enjoyable, yes, but it has to be concerted and concentrated to create the desired effect. Turns out that you really can't "knokk the hustle" because no matter what, movement changes things. 

(That's what I call design validation! )

In addition to good old-fashioned hard work, another recent platitude also encouraged me recently--I spied a signboard that proclaimed "CARPE DIEM." Seize the day! 


Another ingredient inherent to the emergence mix--actually taking hold of opportunities that come our way and will float by if we're not aware. Are there opportunities to be had? Gotta grab 'em! Now, I don't necessarily feel that I've missed key opportunities recently and for that, I'm thankful. However, I do have a poignant premonition that were I to continue keeping my head down, as it were, I would. No, thanks! That's no fun. 

So what to do? Be aware, take those opportunities, and hustle to keep making good things happen. Personally, this applies to both inside and outside the classroom this year because that's who I am and what makes me happy. This sounds like a pretty decent plan to me and it's making me feel more optimistic by the minute. Coooooool...

In fact, when I spied that signboard, I was so heartened that an immediate image sprang to mind, which was a bit unexpected, and it also brought on a few unexpected giggles. 

Conclusion? Happy Thursday & September 1st! Go get dem! 

(That's symbolic!)

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"Carpe Dem" likely coming soon! :)