Well, hello again!

Oh MY, this has been QUITE the last 30 days, as you can tell from the space in between posts. 

Most of my busyness had to do with school of course, which is the norm for this time of year. Here's the action-sequence version...

Senior Trip  Jumping/Floundering Back into Academics  Art Supply Shopping/ Prepping  Rehearsals  Spring Concert & Art Show  Mad Grad Set-Up  Actual Mad Grad  Post Week Wrap-Up  NAPS.

You know how in the midst of madness, you continue to muster the necessary energy, against all odds? But then mysteriously and contrary to logic, as soon as you're FREE, you've never been so TIRED? That's been the state of affairs here the last couple of days, but I'm happy to report that I think I'm on the other side of recovery. (To be determined.) I am also happy to report that all of those components listed above went very well in the end, leaving me relieved and pleased. Not a bad way to end and now of course, it's... *drumroll* SUMMER

Today, June 11, I thought it would be both fun and wise to chat a bit about goals and my plans for the next months. This benefits me and my planning, yes, but it also affects you and your involvement with Anika Zebron Design! 

Whatever do I mean? You'll see. 

Currently, I'm very excited about my goals for the summer. Here they are in short form:

  1. Design, blog, and newsletter! (Yes, those have all become active verbs to me)
  2. Release New Tee's! I have several designs in the digital works that I'm giddy over and hope you will be too.
  3. Commissions! This is new territory for me, but I have a few lined up already this summer, so I'm anticipating personal growth and new collaborative strengths. Good qualities to cultivate! 
  4. One Farmer's Market Booth Appearance! This will realistically happen later in the summer, but my goal is to show up with my wares and big hair in tow and see what a day as a merchant is like. 
  5. Portfolio Advertising! With an expanding number of designs (yay), I plan to create portfolios that cater to target boutiques and audiences. I have a little list in mind with Seattle, San Diego, and Bozeman locations, so it's time to strategize. 

These are rather lofty plans I know, and I don't expect to accomplish them quickly. That said, I am the kind of person who lives for the next fun thing, so these goals both challenge and encourage me to keep creating and stay motivated. 

Speaking of creating, if you follow me on IG, Snapchat, or Facebook, you've seen me plugging away at The 100 Day Project. To date, we're celebrating Day 54, and oh what a time it's been! I have several other artist friends who are participating in this challenge and have made some super uplifting connections in the social media art community. That in and and of itself has been so inspiring, and then there's my own contributions. When I see "54," it's such a large number when talking about pieces of art--like, how on earth have I made 54 projects???

The truth is, I don't even know, yet somehow every evening a new idea arrives on my mind's doorstep and I'm happy to welcome it. So far my projects have ranged from words, phrases, and quotes that I like--some of my own, some from others & authors I admire. I arrive to my moleskin & pen pouch open to whatever is about to transpire and leave them a bit more cheerful and aware, like my brain has been opened and outfitted with cool new accessories. Or something like that. 

And here, my friends, is where you come in! Enter stage left, right, center, or wherever you like because I need your help in the coming days to make more good things happen. I have designs for you to vote on, I have survey forms for you to provide your ideas and feedback, and happily, I have free stuff for you and it's all coming your way very, very soon! 

Are you excited? I hope so, because I am and I'm looking forward to all of it. 

Thanks for keeping up with me here and elsewhere online, even through the busyness. As always, feel free to get in touch with questions you might have, what you think of my work, or with ideas of what I should design next! 

Much love & summer cheer,





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