Where's the start button?

I'm going to presumptuously assert that something I feel is something most people feel. This isn't something I routinely do, mind you. I take care to not insert myself unwelcomed into the daily lives of others, and even more unsavory, to not include myself in anyone's experience that I have no direct connection too. In other words, I try to avoid life-wedding-crashing as much as possible. Because not cool.

This time however, I'm pretty confident that a certain personal reaction that I have every week is one that you have too:

Where's the start button to Monday???

Seriously, though. 

Do you, like me, struggle to maintain the optimism of Friday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday morning all the way through to Monday? I thought so. It's a struggle, right? Clearly it has to do with having to lock down and fulfill a fresh week's demands, setting aside the stuff we do "for fun" in the face of serious business. While these are certainly factors, my main issue with getting a healthy start on the week starts with the first step, waking up on Monday. 

I mentioned my night owl syndrome in my last post, which manifests itself in a variety of carefree, foolish forms at the midnight hour. Is there a newly released, critically acclaimed movie to watch? A TV series to catch up on? A soccer game to sub in? A string of Snapchat stories to smirk over? A collection of weird jokes to create and cackle over with Elton, and then realize we can never share these with anyone because then we'd really worry others?

Inevitably, I cling to the weekend hours, not so much because my week ahead is so awful, but because I just can't push the stop button.

Which brings me to the problem of the start button.  

Or rather, the lack of it. 

There have been too many Monday mornings for me to count when I sincerely wished I had an ignition that just needed to be flicked on. It turns out that the Lord in his wisdom trusts me to be autonomous, so that idea's out, and so I've resorted to other routines to help me to, you know, keep my job.

Anika's Monday consists of 4 alarms spaced 5-10 minutes apart, and set early in the previous evening. While the incessant ringing is truly annoying, it does wake me up. Sometimes I manage to miraculously arise after only the 1st or 2nd alarm, and proceeding to the bathroom, I begin to semi-unconsciously shower. Out of nowhere, I'm JOLTED awake by the next precautionary alarm sounding from my phone on the counter because my brain is still off and the alarms are still on. It's so entertaining. 

So I suppose, in a way, the alarms serve as a sort of kick-start, but I'd prefer a different, more intrinsic one, complete with a side of smiles. 

Does this mean I'm a grump every Monday? No, not really, actually. But I do find myself blinking at life in a way that asks, "Who? Why? How now? What is happening?" and also, "Where are my socks?" The usual interrogatives.  

It's because of this that I'd approve blueprints for a start button. For now, I'll amuse myself with this one, part of my 100 Day Project design series. (See more on my IG!)

Here's to hoping your Monday is off to a great start and that the rest of the week follows suite!  

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