Creating Space for Creativity

On Instagram this week, carveouttimeforart is putting on a community challenge for creatives to introduce themselves and find out who's who. An artist friend of mine, Kandyce King (, let me know about it and it's been fun to read from those posting. IG is basically a creative person's long lost family tree. You'll see me posting this week according to the theme of the day--feel free to get involved too! (#cotfa)

In a world where one encounters monotonous mindsets and humdrum habits on a daily basis, and may even feel a bit personally pedestrian as well, it’s sanative to remember that the world is also full of creativity and possibilities. For me, due to a rather large appetite for adventure, the existence of and belief in creativity and possibilities is pretty much imperative to my survival as a human. Recognizing this is helping me find a certain amount of equilibrium in my work, routines, and needs. Most recently, recognizing this has brought about the conception of Anika Zebron Design! 

In the past, I’ve often found myself feeling the pinch of obligations imposed by others–nothing extraordinarily terrible or suffocating, but over time it was easy to put aside the outlets I really enjoyed. The opinion that “hobbies are merely hobbies and not that crucial when there’s no time for them” is a fallacy that I think many tend to revert to. We’re just too busy, the schedule’s too full, the day’s not long enough for everything!

So then I began resenting the universe.

Over time and with the aid of a few fantastic reads, I made the very vital discovery that it wasn’t the universe’s fault, but mine. The boy from "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coehlo, learned this along his journey:

The Little Price from Antoine de Saint-Exupery's beautiful book says as much too. One's pursuit of personal dreams is a matter of perspective and resilience: 


If you haven't read these novels, do! You will find yourself grinning more. Look at me sounding like I have it all figured out--I'm still in the draft phase, don't be fooled! However, I feel empowered these days knowing that the summation of a life is what you make it. That's where creativity factors in.

If you need a little inspiration about this subject, I highly recommend two other books by author Austin Kleon, "Steal Like An Artist" and "Show Your Work." Both books left me feeling inspired, energized, and ready to do stuff. 

My sage advice for the day? Create space for creativity! So many others have said this before me that I can't even site a source (inadvertent plagiarism). No matter what you love, do that thing. You'll be glad you did. For me, Anika Zebron Design is that thing and I hope you'll enjoy it too! 



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